SYMTEC internal handlebar grip warmer HARLEY DAVIDSON - CHROME

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Symtec's Heat Demon Internal Grip Heaters are the Industry Leader in Grip Heaters to keep your hands warm. Heat Demon Internal Grip Heaters provide the best style, performance and safety to make cold weather riding a pleasant experience. No More fumbling and taking your eyes off the road to adjust grip temperature. Our kits were designed to look professional when installed and provide a convenient way to set the precise grip temperature without being distracted while riding. Our Heat Demon Internal Grip Heater kit heats your grips from INSIDE the handlebars. The controller is a state of the art, closed loop microprocessor temperature control. Includes 4 level temperature level settings with Hi Intensity LED's for easy daylight viewing which can be dimmed for night riding. Our Heat Demon Internal Grip Heater kit comes with everything you need for installation. Kit includes 4 level power controller with adjustable intensity LED's, 2 heater inserts, hardware, threading tool and adhesive.

Heat Demon Internal Grip Heaters come equipped with:

  • Heaters that install inside the handlebar allowing for use with any Grip
  • Custom Controller with 4 Levels of Heat
  • Fast Warm-Up
  • Easy to Install
  • Available in Black or Chrome
  • Attractive Weatherproof Design
  • 4 Color LED Lights indicate the Heat Level Selected (Dims for Night Riding)
  • Thermister feedback keeps the Grip Heat at the selected level regardless of the Voltage Variation or Ambient Conditions
  • Very Affordable. Makes sense to install and all Bikes
  • Increases riding safety and comfort
  • Can also be installed on 1" Aluminum Handlebars
  • Metric Models also available for most other Bikes
  • Suitable for electronic throttle.