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  • SHORAI charging cable SHO-Bmscbl06 6V Code: 4897034420401
    SHORAI charging cable SHO-Bmscbl06 6V
    On request Warranty: 2 years
    Shorai 6 volt extension cable SHO-BMSCABLE06 for the Sho-BMS01 Lithium Iron Phosphate charger.  Includes one extension cable from the charger to the second cable, which...

    12 € excl. VAT 14 €
  • 181 12v nabijeci kabel sho bmscbl12 Code: 4897034420296
    SHORAI charging cable SHO-Bmscbl12 12V
    In Stock Warranty: 2 years
    Universal Spare Cable Set (SHO-BMSCBL12) by Shorai®. The charge mode charges at 2A peak rate, while balancing the internal LFX cells and performing battery diagnostics.

    12 € excl. VAT 14 €
  • SHORAI battery charger SHO-BMS01 Code: 4897034420289
    SHORAI battery charger SHO-BMS01
    Currently unavailable Warranty: 2 years
    Intelligent charger with charging or store mode including accessories. Weight 748g. Give the battery top care!

    88 € excl. VAT 106 €

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